Single Motor Single-column Electric Standing Desk with Wheel

Introducing an upgraded version of this configuration featuring enhanced mobility and functionality. With the addition of four sturdy casters on the base, users can effortlessly glide the desk to different locations, adapting to changing work or study environments with ease. The larger surface panel offers ample space for various tasks, accommodating multiple monitors and work materials.

This innovative design not only retains the benefits of the single-column lift mechanism, such as seamless height adjustments and ergonomic support, but also adds the convenience of mobility. Whether you're collaborating in a shared workspace or simply seeking a change of scenery, this configuration ensures flexibility and adaptability to enhance your productivity and comfort. The incorporation of larger panel options caters to those who require extra workspace, making it an ideal choice for creative professionals, multitaskers, and anyone in need of a versatile and dynamic desk solution.

Product Description

> Advantages

Embracing the new configuration with added casters brings a range of distinct advantages. First and foremost, the enhanced mobility provided by the four sturdy wheels ensures effortless maneuverability, allowing users to easily reposition the desk according to their evolving needs or collaborative work settings. This adaptability promotes a dynamic and productive work environment.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a larger panel offers increased workspace, accommodating multiple devices, documents, and creative materials all in one place. This not only supports multitasking but also fosters better organization, making it a preferred choice for professionals seeking efficiency in their daily tasks.

Combining the benefits of the single-column lift mechanism with the newfound mobility creates a winning combination. Users can seamlessly transition between sitting and standing positions, promoting ergonomic well-being, while the caster wheels elevate the practicality of the desk by enabling effortless relocation. This configuration particularly resonates with modern professionals, freelancers, students, and anyone seeking both versatility and comfort in their workspace.

> Main Functions

Motorized Height Adjustment: Effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions using motorized controls, enhancing ergonomic comfort and reducing fatigue.

Programmable Presets: Save preferred height settings for swift and accurate adjustments tailored to individual needs.

Quiet Operation: The motor operates quietly, minimizing disruptions in shared workspaces and maintaining a focused environment.

Space-Efficient Design: The single-column layout optimizes legroom and workspace utilization, making it suitable for compact areas and modern office setups.

Sturdy Stability: Despite its sleek profile, the single column provides robust stability, ensuring a secure platform for work materials and devices.

Easy Mobility: Built-in smooth-rolling casters allow effortless movement and repositioning, adapting to changing work arrangements.

ModelEIS-RY2-02DMax Load Capacity70kg
Speed25 mm/sShape of ColumnRectangular
Direction of ColumnInline columnQuantity of Column2 stages
Power Type100V-240VMotor Quantity1
Height Range750-1250 mmPacking WayCarton
Stroke500 mmTabletop Dimensions800x800mm
CertificatesCE/FCC/RoHSWarranty5 years

-What is the purpose of the Single Motor Single-column Electric Standing Desk with Wheel?

The primary purpose of investing in this configuration is to enhance workspace versatility and promote ergonomic well-being. With motorized height adjustment, programmable presets, and quiet operation, users can seamlessly transition between sitting and standing positions, reducing strain and increasing comfort during prolonged work hours. The space-efficient design and easy mobility cater to changing work environments, ensuring adaptability without compromising stability. Overall, the main goal is to create an ergonomic and dynamic workspace that supports productivity, health, and personalized comfort.










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