Dual-Motor Dual-Segmented Upright Study Desk

Introducing our innovative study desk that seamlessly adapts to various student needs. This desk features a flip-top tabletop, perfect for artistic endeavors, coupled with adjustable height settings to accommodate different student heights. With the option to add drawers and wireless functionality, it's a versatile solution designed to enhance the learning experience while maintaining a clutter-free workspace.

Product Description

> Advantages

Efficient Dual-Motor Drive: Engineered for swift and synchronized height adjustments, our desk enhances productivity with its dual-motor mechanism.

Robust Craftsmanship: Built to endure the demands of educational and office environments, our desk features solid construction for long-lasting durability.

Customizable Ergonomics: Catering to individual comfort, adjustable heights promote healthy posture and user well-being.

Versatile Flip-Top Design: Transforming into an artistic canvas or presentation platform, the flip-top tabletop adds a dynamic touch to your workspace.

Organizational Efficiency: Optional drawers and wireless capabilities streamline tasks, while reducing clutter and enhancing workspace organization.

Intelligent Well-Being Features: With smart sitting reminders and obstacle detection, our desk promotes healthier habits and ensures safety during height adjustments.

> Main Functions

Dual-Motor Precision: Equipped with two motors for synchronized and precise height adjustments, ensuring stability and consistent performance.

Enhanced Height Range: The three-stage design provides an extensive range of height options, accommodating various user preferences and workstation setups.

Advanced Stability: Dual motors coupled with the three-stage columns offer exceptional stability, even at higher elevations, ensuring a secure and wobble-free workspace.

Smooth Transitions: The dual-motor setup guarantees seamless transitions between sitting and standing positions, enhancing user comfort and workflow.

Heavy Load Capacity: Built with robust materials, this configuration supports heavy equipment setups, accommodating multiple monitors and accessories with ease.

Elegant Design: A sleek and modern aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to any workspace, making it suitable for both professional and home environments.

Durability and Longevity: Crafted with top-tier materials, this desk is built to withstand daily use, offering a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Health-Focused Benefits: With its customizable ergonomics and sit-stand capability, it encourages healthier work habits and reduces the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

ModelESD-EY2-01DMax Load Capacity80kg
Speed25 mm/sShape of ColumnElliptical
Direction of ColumnInline columnQuantity of Column2 stages
Power Type100V-240VMotor Quantity2
Height Range550-890 mmPacking WayCarton
Stroke340 mmTabletop Dimensions1000x600mm
CertificatesCE/FCC/RoHSWarranty5 years

-What is the purpose of the Dual-Motor Dual-Segmented Upright Study Desk?

Crafted with a keen understanding of modern students' needs, this product's design is purpose-driven. It addresses the demand for customized ergonomics, providing adjustable heights for individual comfort and focus. Beyond a traditional desk, its versatile flip-top design adapts to various activities, accommodating creative pursuits, presentations, and collaborative work. Smart sitting reminders prioritize well-being, while obstacle detection ensures safety. The inclusion of drawers and wireless capabilities enhances efficiency and organization, aligning with the evolving demands of contemporary education. This product embodies a holistic approach to learning, thoughtfully designed to empower students in their educational journey.










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